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Clever Irish Pub akadem

Ирландский паб
  • Морской проспект, 54 — 1 этаж
  • Поликлиника (Морской проспект) 60 м

I've been here several times.

This place has a great atmosphere, and attracts an interesting crowd. I've had a lot of fun conversations in this bar and met a lot of interesting new people. Almost every time I've been here the bar has been crowded. It's obviously a successful business.

The problem with this place is getting decent service. The most recent time I was there sitting at the bar, I asked for the check. I didn't get it. So I asked the second bartender for the check. I didn't get it. So I asked the third bartender for the check. I noticed that they had a conversation between them about it, and finally the check appeared in front of me.

It vaguely reminded me of when I returned to Russia two weeks ago from Europe, and I had to go register my visa at the Foreign Migration Service (УФМС). I spent almost a whole hour in line waiting for some cantankerous old guy who was obviously born in the Soviet Union to simply stamp my documents.

I want to say that the bartenders here were lazier than the people at the Foreign Migration Service. But it would obviously be hyperbole: nobody in private industry can possibly be that lazy.

But I can't excuse the fact that I asked several times for the check, and the bartenders are all flirting with one another and with other customers and playing with their phones while I am waiting.

So, perhaps it isn't hyperbole to say this: I think that these three bartenders were the laziest bartenders on this side of the Volga river.

The real problem this place has is that it has little real competition, so the owners and the staff have grown a bit lazy. Hopefully, one of you Akademgorodok residents out there will open a better bar on Morskoy Prospect and "give them a run for their money," as we say in English.

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