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Школа изучения иностранных языков
  • Дзержинского проспект, 26 — 307 офис; 3 этаж
  • Радиоколледж 40 м
alexp_saint написал 2 отзыва об этом месте

HI, I think that feedback about English school has to be in English.
Euroschool - you'll definitely have to try it.
Maksim is such a nice teacher. He's got a lot of experience and sometimes he can be funny. One thing, that is more important for me, he always understands what I need in practicing English.
There are a few nice places for classes in radio college and Youth Residential Complex (МЖК) that's why I've chosen it.
My goal was grammar and I got it. I was able to improve my knowledge of English and pronunciation practice. I had classes for a year. I'm sure I'm going to continue my English classes with Euroschool.
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Thanks a lot for your positive ond original comment! This is what we're working for!

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