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Образовательный лингвистический центр
  • Карла Маркса площадь, 7 — 607 офис; 6 этаж
  • Площадь Маркса 380 м
  • Покрышкина 330 м

First of all let me introduce myself. My name is Isaeva Yaroslava and I'm 15 years old. I am at 9-th grade and I'm interested in English language.
I am going to tell you about linguistic center
"Oxford". There is I am a student now. "Oxford" is new and modern school of English language and I like it very much. The classrooms are light, spacious and comfortable for lessons. This linguistic center is situated in the "Sun City". Also I love speaking clubs with Michael.)
My teacher is Tatyana Yevgnyevna. She's a beautiful, wise, modern teacher. Tatyana Yevgnyevna possesses all qualities of a teacher- creative mind, concept of honestly and love to children. Her lessons aren't similar one to another, every time we open something new, interesting to us. I'm sure that the world of my teacher is English language.
And finally I eager to say that I hope that soon I can be fluent in the English language how my teacher.^^

Dear Yaroslava!
Thanks a lot for your comment! We are really glad that we have so appreciative students!
We wish you to achieve your goals!

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