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  • Советская, 18 — 1 этаж
  • Площадь Ленина 170 м
  • Центр (ул. Орджоникидзе) 190 м

I noticed the opening of this restaurant a couple of weeks ago and was curious about it. I decided to try it with my friend. Everything was simply excellent. The service was quite above what I typically experience in Russia: the waitresses were very attentive, patient and polite. My friend had some kind of duck that she thought was quite good. I ordered some salmon sashlik that was also very tasty. The restaurant gave us a free appetizer which was some kind of pate and some bread to put it on. In addition, the restaurant gave us an unexpected 20% discount (named "Welcome kitchen 20%" and "Welcome bar 20%" on the bill). Our whole bill for the duck, sashlik, free appetizer and two glasses of wine came out to only 1,032 rubles: so the price was quite good in addition to the pleasant experience.

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