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  • Ядринцевская, 14 — 1 этаж
  • Площадь Ленина 330 м
  • Центр (ул. Орджоникидзе) 410 м

I had an enjoyable time here with some of my friends who invited me here. This place is only one block from my flat, but I never even knew it was there because its entrance is a little bit far from the street, it is right next to another door and also has no windows. (A so-called "hole in the wall" as we say in English.)

The staff was super friendly and the shisha was great: they did a great job.

This place apparently doesn't serve food, but you can order delivery or bring your own food. We ordered a ton of sushi delivery and ate like kings.

Thanks, my friend=) Looking forward to see u again=)

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